Who you are? How would you describe yourself? Many answer this question using nouns: “I am a manager”, “Successful lawyer”, “Beginning writer”. The author of the book “Stole as an Artist” Austin Cleon is sure: it is more important not as we call ourselves, but what we do.

American inventor, philosopher and poet Richard Bakminster Fuller wrote: “I live on the ground in the present and I don’t know what I am. I know that I’m not some kind of category, thing or noun name. It seems that I’m a kind of verb, a certain evolutionary process is a certain integral function of the universe. “.

I can’t disagree with him. I am sure: we are not nouns, but verbs. For example, I am not a function: an artist or writer. I am a person who does something: draws, writes-and never knows what he will go further. And this, by the way, is fine: as Oscar Wilde said, “if you can’t imagine who you want to become, then you can become anyone”.

Moreover, if I did not dare to “start creating”, until I figure it out, until I understand who I am and why I live, I would still do a self -digging, and not deed. I know from experience that a person is capable of understanding his own nature only by doing something,

doing some kind of work.

A few years ago I came across an interesting article, the author of which insisted that religion is a verb. There is little faith, it is necessary to take very specific steps, work (including on yourself), and do it diligently. And faith in itself is not passive, it suggests a journey from point A to point B and internal transformation. Many religious people today believe that they must first believe in a certain list of obscure doctrines, and then begin to lead a righteous life. A rather strange approach. Faith requires discipline, actions, going beyond its “I”, these steps just lead to the fact that a new meaning appears in the life of the believer. Religion is what you do. There is no faith without these actions.

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