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Online Casino Cashback: how to get it? – CoinSaga Bitcoin Casino Blog

Coinsaga Cashback is a super promotion from Coinsaga Bitcoin Casino, where players get up to 20% of game losses back on weekly basis.

The Cashback Bonus is one of the best promotions at Coinsaga Casino, providing many benefits includingno wagering requirements. Players just play, enjoy and receive weekly cashback!  

Moreover, the Cashback is suitable for any kind of player from high rollers to low rollers and recreational players, which makes our bonus very popular and appreciated by all customers.

How the Coinsaga Cashback Bonus Works

So, let’s see how the Cashback bonus works:

Getting the Coinsaga Casino Cashback is simple, just play Coinsaga Casino games, and get a percentage of your lost bets back. The amazing thing is that this cashback has no wagering requirements. Cashback is automatically paid out to all eligible players every Monday by 12 pm GMT.

An important thing to know is that the percentage of Cashback you receive depends on your current Coin Quest position and Saga level. The higher it is, the larger your Cashback rate will be. 

Coin Quest is a unique loyalty system from Coinsaga Online Casino, which allows each player to earn points for every spin made on our slots, table games, live casino. The more points you get, the more you will increase your Saga Level. 

It is important to underline that the Coinsaga Casino Cashback calculation is based on your initial deposit. It means that player bet losses are calculated from initial cash funds, and the net loss is used to calculate your Cashback. Let’s give you some examples:

Example 1:

You deposit £100 at Coinsaga and then you reach up to £400 at your highest, before losing £200 and withdrawing £200 at the end. In this example, you did not lose anything so you won’t get back any Cashback bonuses.

Example 2:

You deposit £200 and have £100 left on your account at the time the weekly period ends. This is considered as a net loss of £100, and on these 100 pounds the 20% Cashback percentage is applied. This means that you will get back 20 pounds as bonus funds into your account.

How Much Casino Cashback Can Players Receive?

As we said, players have different weekly cash rewards according to their Saga level.

To level up and increase your Cashback rate you need to complete Sagas on Coin Quest!

Below you find the five levels of the Coin Quest program, from the lowest Wanderer to the top level of Emperor, which guarantees 20% weekly cashback!

Sagas are like milestones, for every 5 coins earned a new level is unlocked and players move to the next Saga.

Each bet equivalent to 1 USD is worth 1 point. For example, if a player bets 5 USD, he/she gets 5 points.

Coin Quest Levels:

  • WANDERER Level 1 reached on Coin Quest – 3% Weekly Cashback
  • WEEKLY Level 5 reached on Coin Quest – 5% Cashback
  • WIZARD Level 10 reached on Coin Quest – 10% Cashback
  • LORD Level 15 reached on Coin Quest – 15% Cashback
  • EMPEROR Level 20 reached on Coin Quest – 20% Cashback

What Are The Benefits of the Coinsaga Cashback Promotion

There are several benefits of using this amazing Cashback Casino bonus such as:

  • Up to 20% cashback each week on all your game losses, according to your player position in the Coin Quest reward program;
  • No Wagering Requirements – you choose what you do with your cashback whether you play with it or withdraw;
  • Weekly payouts, avoid the long wait for monthly Cashback casino bonuses;
  • Play casino games and level up your Saga level (Wanderer, Wizard, Lord, Emperor) and unlock cashback and other amazing prizes (free spins, real prizes, etc)

3 Tips To Get the Best from Cashback Casino Bonuses

1. Cashback bonuses don’t have any wagering requirements

Remember that real Cashback bonuses should never come with wagering requirements on the funds you receive back. So avoid any Cashback programs asking you to wager it! Always check the rules before!

2. Daily or weekly cashback is better than monthly cashback: Go for the shorter timeframe

The reason is simple, if you play all month the payout is closer to a game standard RTP (return to player), and the cashback for you will most probably be less, that’s because good days balance out bad days. On the contary, if you get weekly cashback, as with Coinsaga, random losses will give you more money, and your cashback will be higher.

3. Real Money Cashback is usually better than Cashback Casino Bonuses

Real money cashback, even if smaller, is better than a cashback bonus. This is because real money can be withdrawn by you at anytime, while bonus needs to be played and converted, and the game odds are often against you.

Cashback FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Cashback Bonus?

Cashback is a casino bonus where players get a certain percentage of their losses from a fixed time period back in the form of raw money, or bonus money. The time period is usually a week. However, sometimes this can be up to a month.

How Does Cashback Work?

The majority of Cashback bonuses are active between two dates. If you accept the cashback bonus, and then lose money during that time period (for example a week), you’ll get a percentage of your losses back. The most common percentages at casinos are around 10-20%.

Cashback Bonuses Require Wagering Requirements?

Casino Cashback should never require any wagering requirements, but there are some online casinos which impose these. So always check the terms and conditions.

When Do I get the Coinsaga Casino Cashback?

Cashback is automatically paid out to all eligible players every Monday by 12pm GMT.

How Can I Spend My Cashback Bonus?

Cashback at Coinsaga Online Casino is given as cash money with no wagering requirement. So players can withdraw this to their bank account or use it to play their favourite games. Player receive their cashback every Monday at 12pm GMT.

How Does a Player Become Eligible for Cashback?

Deposit once or more and have real money losses during the week begin to accumulate as cashback. The minimum cashback payout is $2.5 / 0.1 mBTC. Check our bonus T&Cs for a full list of minimum payouts for all currencies.

How Much Cashback Can I Get at Coinsaga Bitcoin Online Casino?

The Cashback offer depends on your current Coin Quest Level and Saga. The higher it is, the larger your cash rewards rate is. Coinsaga players can get back up to 20% of their weekly bet losses.

What’s the Main Difference Between Deposit Bonuses and Cashback Offers?

A welcome bonus is designed to attract players to register and play at a new site, and don’t reward existing players. Cashback bonus rewards all clients registered at a casino, and the more loyal a player is, the more cashback he/she gets.

What Are the 5 Saga levels of the Coin Quest Program?

The Coin Quest loyalty program has 5 levels: Wanderer, Weekly, Wizard, Lord, and Emperor.

Can I Get Cashback Casino Bonuses Playing Live Casino and Slot Games?

Yes you can. Live casino and slot games are eligible to get cashback bonues, as are other casino games.

Sign Up at Coinsaga Online Casino now! With a minimum deposit you can test our casino games, get our matched deposit bonus with free spins, and join to our loyalty program “Coin Quest”. The best casino Cashback you can get, with a maximum cashback up to 20% each week.

Remember to always gamble responsibly!


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